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War of 1812 Military Service

This database provides military and genealogical information on 1,655 individuals who were associated to Fairfax County, Virginia and served in the War of 1812. Information in the database was researched, compiled, and coordinated by David Whitman, Project Coordinator. Please direct any additions, corrections, updates, and questions to him at
Soldiers and Veterans Database
Download - the information in this file is arranged by company, and includes military service and genealogical information.
Muster Rolls and Pay Lists
There are two primary sources for the muster rolls and pay lists which cite Fairfax County participants in the War of 1812:
  • Fairfax County, Virginia Muster and Pay Rolls, The War, 1812-1814, 1817
    Photocopies of the original muster rolls and pay lists
  • Edith Moore Sprouse Papers, 1960-2003
    Transcriptions of the original muster rolls and pay lists
In the table below, we have summarized the information available from these sources, noted differences between sources, and provided links to authorized reproductions where available (in Adobe PDF format).
Virginia Unit
Company Captains
of Original
of Original
60th VA Regiment HQ60thMuster roll2
George Blincoe's Co57thMuster roll1Muster roll2Same roll
William Chick's Co60thMuster roll2
Thomas Coffer's Co57th, 60thPay list1Muster roll2Some different names
Nicolaus Darne's Co60th Muster roll2 
John DeBell's Co57th, 60thMuster roll1Muster roll2Different rolls – some different names
Charles Ford's Co60th Muster roll2 
George Graham's Co60th Muster roll2
George Gunnell's Co60th Muster roll2
George Hunter's Co4th, 60th Muster roll2
Price Jacob's Co56thMuster roll1
George Mason's Co60thMuster roll2Not labeled as a muster roll
George Millan's Co60thMuster roll2Not labeled as a muster roll
John Millan's Co60thMuster roll2
James Sangster's Co5th, 60thMuster roll2
George Simpson's Co60thMuster roll2,4
Pay list4
Same muster rolls and pay lists
Temple Smith's Co60thMuster roll2
Samuel Summers' Co60thPay list2
George Terrett's Co60thMuster roll2
Rezin Wilcoxen's Co60thMuster roll1
Pay list2
Muster roll3
Pay list3
Same muster rolls and pay lists
Sources cited:
1Fairfax County, Virginia Muster and Pay Rolls, The War, 1812-1814, 1817 (M 029) Collection, Rust Archive, Thomas Balch Library, Leesburg, VA. Reproductions available on the FxGS Web site (facsimiles in Adobe PDF file format) are used with permission. Click here for more information.
2Edith Moore Sprouse Papers, 1960-2003, Accession #313, Alexandria Library, Local History/Special Collections, Alexandria, VA. Click here for more information.
3Northern Virginia Genealogy Magazine (Vol. 2, No. 1)
4Northern Virginia Genealogy Magazine (Vol. 3, No. 2)

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